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Penny, I applaud you for Talking your truth in no uncertain terms. Most of your respective write-up is my truth far too.

The only real other risk, Should the shore story earlier mentioned is in any way true, and it is an effective risk Potentially from what We all know from the Homunculous (Miscavige) (fantastic phrase that from Truth of the matter Teller) is that this terrible vicious minor worm invented this nonsense to find out how easy It could be to con folks or how easy it'd be to feed folks any previous nonsense. Some weird minimal “administration” exercising of his that he then spends times about laughing with his fellow rock slammer Execs regarding how silly a number of people can be in believing this nonsense.

Thes folks are hazardous and it jus kills me that men and women nevertheless give it a great deal of electric power so they can continue in it’s Incorrect-accomplishing. IDK, All I can do is continue on to hope to the day when they at last awaken and find out what’s been there along.

It truly is not possible now to accumulate upper level supplies in the Church, For the reason that Copenhagen affair in 1983. AO materials are subjected to these kinds of protection that almost nothing has occur out of the church in that line for decades. Plus the Tale on this (bogus “OT8”) is usually that “someone slipped the OT8 HCOB underneath the cabin door of the individual performing the OT8 program around the ship”. That is needless to say a most unusual means of enrolling individuals on to Innovative Classes, seemingly bypassing all normal routings and apprising them in the resources from the confidential course – at dead of night in his cabin instead of even while in the private study course home!

You may note that it discusses “36 days of image implants” (for anyone unfamiliar with scientology terms, he is stating that individuals were being electronically “hypnotized” to Assume and respond a certain way — to obey or to reject) and these photograph implants contain “God, the Devil, Angels…”

Scientology likes to tell the world which you can certainly be a scientologist and in addition become a Christian, Jew, Buddhist or the rest. This is certainly an “satisfactory fact” (defined by Hubbard using this method: Handling reality is usually a touchy business also.

I didn’t are aware that nonsense about the volcano on the cover on the dianetics book, in my exprerience nobody responded to this, The one thing that was effective was a great profits system by the person offering the book.

Thank you, Mike Rinder, for unraveling further the mysteries and inconsistencies of scientology. Sometime after I still left the so-referred to as “church” of scientology, I commenced looking at the OT resources as contained inside the Tech Volumes.

e in which the church pursues a critic with the intention of RUINING HIM), forced disconnections scientology beliefs crazy from family members and many others and many others and on and on.

Mike, we just want in order to believe in what we want to believe. Is there something Mistaken with that?

But irrespective of whether you have studied Scientology carefully or basically scientology beliefs and rules know it as "the religion with Tom Cruise," observing "Likely Clear" is a powerful, amazing and emotionally mind-boggling experience that could most likely depart you with your mouth agape. Listed below are quite possibly the most stunning allegations set forth in "Likely Clear," which made its HBO debut on Sunday night time:

On her Myspace webpage (old fashioned!), White even listed L. Ron Hubbard as certainly one of her “heroes.” Hubbard is naturally a famed fiction author as well as the creator of the Church of Scientology. Certainly didn’t see that coming, but hey, if it works for her, fantastic for her.

Good comment Penny. I as well am grateful with the 1st Modification And that i’m not even an American. We have laws in most societies that keep track of or try and monitor felony actions and abuses. It truly is an regrettable fact of life they aren’t as effective as they make out or would like to be, several criminals are professional in circumventing the laws set in place to control their actions. But the US Constitution is imo quite possibly the most exceptional doc after the Magna Carta at any time to become executed in almost any Culture. Just to think wherever or just how much time the US in its current state would have survived without it scientology beliefs celebrities boggles the head. Flexibility of speech and religion must be maintained for it heralds a different dark age if they ever disappear.

As outlined by Wright, Cruise was "overheard to complain that he wanted a completely new girlfriend" when he was in Spain within the opening of a new Scientology Centre. The Church then uncovered a younger Scientologist, Nazanin Boniadi, and reportedly had her braces removed, acquired her $twenty,000 of clothes and coloured her hair "to Cruise's liking.

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